Mr. Young’s Grading Policy

As a general rule all late assignments are scored with a "D" and will show up with an “L” late tag on the assignment. All assignments not turned in receive an f. Assignments scored as an "I" or Incomplete have been returned to the student to fix deficiencies. The Incomplete assignments will require a parent signature before the assignment can be counted.

Description Percentage:

A Outstanding Achievement 90-100
B Above average achievement 80-89
C Average achievement 70-79
D Below average achievement; Passing grade 60-69
F Failing work; no credit 0-59

Codes for Record Keeping
I Incomplete: Paper returned to student to correct with further instruction; grade withheld until work is completed or past due. TBD L Late = D or > 70%  ex Excused excused

Grades: Grades for each subject are divided into 5 categories which are:
* 40% In Class Assignments
* 35% Projects, Tests & *Quizzes (*1/4 of a Test)
* 20% Assignments Outside of class
* 5% Participation
* Some Extra Credit opportunities are offered.
* Late Assignments Graded no higher than a 70%
* Test Corrections no higher than an 79%

Studying @ Home:

* Assignments should not take longer than 60 minutes, Not included: daily 15 minutes of reading.

 **If your child is spending more time on HW, please let us know, as your child may not be using class time wisely at school.

* GE Students
As a general rule the GE student may be excused from class assignments, however; the content covered is the students’ responsibility to follow up on. The student may seek assistance from me or a classmate. I strongly encourage the students to complete the assignments, as there will eventually be a test, and the student is permitted an extra day for assignments missed while out of the classroom and at GE.